BA214 BOS-LHR First Class 6 May 2013

BA214 BOS-LHR First Class 6 May 2013

Appologies for the lack of photos!

Well, what a lovely short break that was! Boston has firmly become a favourite. The Mandarin Oriental once again lived up to expectations, some lovely cakes being left in the room sweetened it all. So we let the hotel arrange transport back to the airport for us (transport to the hotel was included in the rate), and a 4×4 was waiting for us bang on time, with our luggage loaded before we got to the car. A pleasant driver made for an enjoyable ride to the airport. On approach to the airport, police were pulling over selected vehicles for questioning, thankfully we were spared this and up to the terminal.

Over to the First Class check-in counters, no queue, where we paired off to speed things along, one of the check in agents seems very chirpy and chatty, where as the other, while polite, seemed to be lacking a little bit of warmth. Boarding passes issued and told the directions to the lounge, we were on our way to security.

Fast track seemed to be one of those silly queuing systems where the only benefit was to avoid walking in a long zig-zag (like many times at Miami), but once we got to the front we saw that fast track did have a dedicated lane and there was a queue that we avoided on the regular line. Fast track was fast and efficient at loading, but was lacking in organisation on the off-loading side, trays being forced into each other and popping up creating a mess, the staff just didn’t seem to be interested in sorting it out.

Once redressed we headed down the terminal to find the lift to the lounges, walking past the Virgin Clubhouse we were first hit by the heat escaping from it’s entrance, and noticed someone complaining about a lack of seats. Past the other very basic lounges (Lufthansa’s looked like an IKEA warehouse!) we arrived at the desk to the BA lounges, Club lounge (left) and First lounge (right). A very friendly man greeted us, issued us with dining passes and told that food would be served later. While the F-I-L and I settled down into a corner, very comfy furniture, the other two went to hunt down the toilets. There are no toilet facilities in the lounge it’s self, but further down the corridor, around a couple corners and further up, not what you would really expect for a First Class lounge, let alone business! Time for a few T10 and tonics! There where lots of packets of biscuits, crisps and fruit for nibbling, there was also some hummus, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and pita bread on offer. After sitting still for a while we all started getting very hot in the windowless basement!

It was time for dinner and most of the rest of the passengers in the first class lounge went over to the dinning room, where the dinning passes were requested, though it didn’t matter that I was the only one to remember to bring it over! The other people in the lounge were told to dine in the Club half of the lounge as they weren’t eligible for the First Class dining (don’t understand that one, eligible for the entry but not food?). A very jolly and hard working gentleman was on his own in serving us all, and he kept on top of it all very well, no-ones glass became empty at any point. The food was very, very nice (not that I can remember what it was!). Back into our corner for a few minutes before we decided that we were getting too hot and bored, so packed up our belongings and headed to the gate.

It was a short walk from the lift to the gate we were boarding at. There was a long queue snaking around for the normal line, but the priority line was empty and when we arrived at the front a member of staff was there to scan our boarding passes and if we had used the lounge (?). At the door we were all greeted by name and the CSD showed us to our seats. I had 5A on this low J 747, and it was New First. While sorting out what I wanted out for the flight and what was going in the luggage bin, we were all given a wash bag and offered pyjamas (slippers and blanket on foot stall). Once sat down and the pyjamas were delivered, the offer of a drink was given, just a water requested to try and combat the dry air all night. Shortly before take off a young girl who was in 4E went and told a member of CC that she was cold, the CC came over and put the blanket that was on the girls doll around the girls shoulders and said that as soon as we had taken off, she would be back to make the bed for her. Moments later the CC was back and was apologising to the girl for taking the blanket off her doll, and proceeded to put a new blanked around the doll. I thought it relevant to include this as I thought it showed how great the crew were at caring for her (and all the other passengers). The First Class cabin was full.

So once in the air, the crew were very quick to jump up and instantly made the little girls bed, and the bed of other passengers that were requesting it, everyone that wanted to have their bed made up did so within minutes of the crew being released. I decided that I would watch a film and have a nibble. I opted for the warm cookies and hot chocolate, seemed to amuse the cabin crew! The F-I-L requested the cheese and biscuits; he was given the entire tray of biscuits/crackers that had been loaded! My warm cookies, while looking like they would be cheap tasteless things, were in fact the nicest I have ever had, amazing soft and warm. The hot chocolate was nice, but not perfect, I’m not keen on the powdered type hot chocolates, much prefer the more silky, liquid based ones (similar to the ones in Pauls). Once my film was over, there was just under 4 hours left of the flight, so while I changed into my pyjamas, the CC offered to make my bed up. I managed to get a few hours sleep and awoke with an hour remaining. I was offered breakfast, but I declined; I’m not keen on breakfast in the air, I much prefer to eat in the arrivals lounge. The M-I-L managed to have the plate of pastries, a bowl of cereal and the frittata. She said it was all very nice. She had managed to sleep for most of the flight and you could tell that she had slept well by the way she was glowing, though that could also of been because she was enjoying the First experience and the being pandered to by the fantastic crew!

It wasn’t too long till the 20 minutes warning was given and the crew tidied up before seating themselves. A nice landing and a short taxi to a gate on the C satellite, it seemed to be the furthest away from immigration as possible at T5! So a little bit of walking down to the transit train, though it didn’t seem far, a very wide and straight corridor seemed shorter that the bending narrow maze of T3. The train journey was short and efficient. No queue for the EU E-Passport gates and we were all though, hardly stopping. A short wait for the luggage belt to start, but our bags were some of the first off. We headed to the arrivals lounge and into the Concorde Breakfast Room. The service was prompt and the food great; surprisingly we were the only people in there! After feeling a bit more refreshed after only 3 hours sleep it was finally time to end the break and pick up the car from Valet Parking. Can’t wait for next time now!

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