Boccalone, San Francisco

Boccalone, San Francisco

The sign above the shutter of this fantastic little deli located in the hustle and bustle of the Ferry Building reads ‘Tasty Salted Pig Parts’ – and that pretty much sums up Boccalone and everything it sells.

The shop specialises in Salumi, and every possible variation thereof; from melt in the mouth Porchetta di Testa and Lardo to the spicy and punchy Nduja – all of which are hand made and sold by some of the most passionate and friendly staff I have ever come across.  They are willing to offer advice and recipe ideas to those who pass by their doors, and do so in a way that actually makes you reconsider any ideas you may have had about the simplicity of the simple slice of Salumi on your pizza.  To hear the staff talking about the richness and depth of flavour about a particular variant they have is like listening to a sommelier describing a fine bottle of wine.

The shop also acts as a haven for the taste conscious around lunchtime, when they serve some of the most flavoursome sandwiches and deli platters you can buy; freshly sliced Salumi and greens piled high with pungent olives and oil ticks all the boxes, or for those wanting something more substantive, they offer a selection of toasted Panini, all customisable and tailored to your tastes.  Personally, I love the ‘Miss Piggy’ –  a glorious combination of Nduja, Porchetta and Lonza, with black olive tapenade and mixed greens.  It’s a melt in your mouth treat that can’t be missed.

They also sell a great selection of bitter sodas that compliment the cured meats perfectly; can I recommend the Dry Cucumber soda to go with that Miss Piggy?

All their produce is available for mail order within the continental US for those that fall in love with their products.

Prices are on the high side of reasonable – but then again you pay for quality and passion – and its worth every cent.

Lunch for two, and a couple of sodas will set you back around $25.00.

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