Hertz Car Rental, Boston – Jan 2013

Hertz Car Rental, Boston – Jan 2013

The Hertz car rental centre at Boston Logan is located a short shuttle bus ride away from the arrivals forecourt, just on the edge of what used to be Tomahawk way before it got turned into a building site for the new Consolidated Car Rental Centre (CRC) which will act to serve the whole of the MassPort system. As a result of being next to a building site, the traffic arrangements and general atmosphere of the facility isn’t that great, though this is to be expected given the scale of the building project, which is due to finish in late 2014.

In terms of service quality, the standard received has always been good, with only one instance of my name not being up on the preferred status board, meaning I had to go into the office and ask where my selected vehicle was. Vehicle quality and fleet upkeep was of a high standard, and they have been more than accommodating when I have asked to drop my car at our hotel – The Mandarin Oriental -and have it collected.

We have rented from this location twice in 2013, January and May, choosing a Cadillac Escalade on both occasions ($780.00 inc. tax, $970.00 inc.tax respectively). The two vehicles were both 2012 plates, and of a high model type so represented good value for money.

My only comment would be that as most of their parking lot appears to have been taken up by construction vehicles at the moment,then the range of vehicles available seems to be a little more limited than usual, should you not opt for a car in their guaranteed range.

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