Hertz Car Rental, Miami – Aug 2010

Hertz Car Rental, Miami – Aug 2010

The Hertz rental car lot used to be located – along with the other major rental car companies – down NW 25th street, a road which had long since been absorbed into the sprawl of Miami International, and was hardly a welcoming site to a tourist. Nevertheless, the employees always seemed quite polite, if a little on the slow side, and I was always out of the lot within about 15 minutes.

With the opening of the new Car Rental Centre, which forms part of the larger Intermodal Centre, the whole experience has been improved significantly, however there are a few issues which stop me from saying its a completely polished experience.

Firstly, the good. The CRC is far easier to get to, being linked to Miami International by the Miami Mover (a reasonably fast monorail service), which is a significant improvement on having to try and grab a shuttle bus in the stifling heat and noise of the old arrivals forecourt. The centre itself is large and airy, with clearly marked signs showing where the individual rental companies are located, and where to go if you have preferred status with your chosen company. The Hertz fleet cars at Miami do seem to get a bit more use than those I have rented elsewhere, but this is to be expected given the turnover of visitors to the sunshine state. On each occasion we have visited, our chosen car has always been waiting for us the Gold lot, with my name clearly shown on the preferred status board. We have rented a number of vehicles from this location – Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Chevy Suburban and a Ford Expedition – all of which were new plate vehicles kitted out with a good number of optional extras.

Now for my minor gripes. In the case of Hertz, this is located on garage level 3, which does require negotiating a series of quite narrow escalators, or some remarkably small elevators. This does seem a bit of an oversight on the part of the designers, given that the vast proportion of passengers arriving will have luggage with them, and the tightness of either the elevators or escalators may prove a bit of a challenge. The sign posting outside of the CRC is also a little poor, particularly for much a tourist-centric location; however we have visited Miami enough to know which roads to take to either Brickell Key, or I-75; but a first time visitor may find it a little intimidating.

Overall, the new Hertz location is a vast improvement on its former iteration, and aside from a few niggling issues regarding the centre itself, there’s nothing to complain about here.

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