US2036 DCA-BOS First Class 6 Jan 2013

US2036 DCA-BOS First Class 6 Jan 2013

After 3 fantastic nights in Washington at the Mandarin Oriental of monuments, memorials, museums, lots of walking and eating at Bourbon Steak, Restaurant Eve and Minibar it was time to hop up to Boston from DCA. So after checking out we got a taxi to DCA, this only took about 12 minutes and followed the signs to the US Airways First Class check in.

Check in was quick and easy, bags labelled, we were told to drop them off a little further down the terminal which we did. I must say that the terminal (C) looked great, tall and light, lovely yellow supports. Travelling the First gave us access to the priority lane at security, this while nice, wasn’t really necessary as the queue was so short anyway, but I’m sure it gets busier at other times. Once through security we headed to the US Airways Club, and gained access with out Amex Platinum cards. While there isn’t much on offer in the lounge, some nibbles and drinks, it was nice to have somewhere quiet to relax before the flight, it was quite busy in the terminal. Free WiFi was available and used. There was a nice view onto the gates and easy to spend a long time watching all the movements (including the questionable management of the taxiways).

After noticing it was time that boarding was scheduled to start we made our way to the gate, and we arrived just as they announced priority boarding so we managed to be first on. On this A320 we had chosen seats 1A and 1C. While some don’t like not being able to put your feet under the seat in front, I had plenty of leg room for the short flight (1hr 25m scheduled). The cabin crew weaved around all the other people boarding and offered us a drink pre-take off. This was quickly served.

Once boarded, doors were closed, safety demo done, and taking off. In the air we were again offered drinks, I asked for a Coke and was surprised to get a full sized can. There was WiFi on the flight and as it was only a few $ for 30m I would try it and message some friends. It worked really well and I thought it was good value as I managed to time my 30m well that it ended just before the WiFi was turned off. During the flight the crew offered more drinks and came round with a basket of nibbles, I had some nice cookies.

The flight had managed to arrive at Boston sooner than scheduled so our actual flight time was just over an hour. Once we had landed it was straight to baggage claim, about a 5 min wait for our bags and then to get the bus to Hertz to pick up our car. All very easy and painless.

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