VS20 SFO-LHR Upper Class 12 Mar 2011

VS20 SFO-LHR Upper Class 12 Mar 2011

So after an amazing holiday of relaxing and eating great food (Highly recommend Bouchon and Bottega in Yountville and Bourbon Steak, Michael Mina and Campton Place in SFO) it was time to head home. The MO had arranged our transport back to the airport, so we did a bit of last minute shopping whilst avoiding the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It was over all too soon and we were on road to the airport.

At check in there was a small queue (just us by the time we joined it) but quickly seen to. Check was simple and painless apart from the check in assistant not quite knowing what to do with a paper ticket and having to go off and check. But this didn’t keep us much longer and were soon given our invite to the Clubhouse. Once in the Clubhouse we seated ourselves in a couple of the red chairs by the window (in front of the bar), quickly a member of staff introduced herself and took our food and drinks orders. I had the “Flying Club Sandwich” (did they really have to make that ‘joke’?!), and it was very acceptable indeed. Had a play on phone and iPad then it was time for boarding. Made our way to the priority security line, everything in the trays and then through the new imaging machines, very quick and simple, they also had an obvious sign before the machine saying you can opt not to go through and have a pat down instead. Once dressed again, we made the long walk to gate A9 and as boarding had started, we were able to walk straight up to the desk and onto the plane, past an agitated queue.

Once on board, greeted and sat down we were offered the normal drinks that quickly appeared. Boarding was very quick and we were on our way to the runway on time, but once near the run way we had to wait for a few minutes while about 5 aircraft landed and 1 took off from a different runway. Once in the air, hot towel run and a combined drinks order, meal order and do you want a poke for breakfast. After getting my drink I started to watch Megamind. The crew on this flight just didn’t seem with it, constantly taking drinks to the wrong passenger, checking the seat numbers all the time and throughout the flight they must of dropped and smashed at least 4 items, one being someone’s dinner which they just put a napkin over before they decided they would have to clean it up. Then I was asked that dreaded question, would I mind changing my meal choice, seeing as the one I had chosen was the least disgusting to me, so I said I would go without a main course and just go to bed. They obviously don’t go by flying club as to who they ask, it seemed to me that they were going on age, as this happened on my last flight from SFO too. I seemed to be the only person they asked.

1/3 the way though the film, starter arrived so I paused and looked at it (Grilled chicken take-out style). Food in UC in a BOX?! It was edible, that’s all the praise I could give it really, it was incredibly cold, I had to leave it to warm up so I would at least be able to taste something. After it was cleared away I finished my film, and then turned my seat into a bed. Listened to my music and nodded off until an hour left of the flight. The cabin crew still seemed to be bumbling about. Captain came on over the PA, would have to stack for about 15 minutes due to traffic. 15 minutes later we were on approach. Nice landing and were quickly at a gate and off the plane, immigration was quick, looks like they are nearly finished refurbishing it, much more organised looking too. Off to baggage, priority didn’t seem to be happening unless there were a large amount of gold card holders in W and Y as quite a few came off before Upper tags started to appear. Got our luggage and were picked up, no stop by arrivals, we had had enough of the flight and wanted to go home.

So overall not a great flight, but the seat still wins me over compared to other airlines.

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