VS5 LHR-MIA Upper Class 22 Aug 2011

VS5 LHR-MIA Upper Class 22 Aug 2011

So we got up early, walk around the block, wash, finishing packing and then in the car to Heathrow. Journey was fine, just a little congestion on the M4, but not enough to delay us. Arrived at T3 departures on time for Purple Parking, quick unloading of luggage and hand over of keys, and into T3 Zone A.

Straight over to the UC desks and started checking in, who should check in next to us but some neighbours from around the corner, such a small world. Check in was quick, easy and cheerful. Afterwards a member of VS staff came over and said she would come with us to the Clubhouse. Up in the lift and a scan of a BP to open the magical door, no queue for security and we were soon through, the security staff playing around with our fluffy companions. At this point the lovely VS member of staff offered to take some of our hand luggage, 2 bags were handed over with a thank you. After a quick look round duty free (why do we bother?! we never want anything and know we don’t but just feel we have to), we headed for the CH.

Greeted by name when welcomed back and then we were back where we belong. Treatments quickly booked, followed by a quick order of drinks. Lounged about in The Gallery, went over to the Brasserie for breakfast, very nice. Up to Sky Lounge, more drinks, spent a while up on the roof garden, back to The Gallery for more drinks and a snack. Flight was called and as soon as we got up to head to the gate, the same lovely member of staff came over with our hand luggage and said she will walk us to the plane.

Headed down to the gate, priority boarding was just starting and we were soon walking down the air bridge to L1. Greeted by name and taken to our seats (12A, K + 14A, K). Offered a drink, politely accepted by all and we settled down into our seats. The aeroplane was quickly boarded and we pushed back and headed for the runway. There was a bit of a wait for the runway, and we skipped a lot of the queue that had formed by the time we took off (others must of been waiting for quite some time!).

Once in the air, the crew jumped into action taking lunch, drink and snack orders. Very friendly and professional crew. Hot towel run, so gave my surroundings a wipe down, it was all clean looking, but I just do it out of habit now. After drinks and snacks, it was time for lunch. I had the “Feta cheese and sun blushed tomato tart with tangy tomato chutney” to start, I loved it! Shame there wasn’t more of it. For main, I had the Chicken in green stuff that looks like moss; it too was excellent, if just a little too much “moss”. Finally for desert I had the “Sally Lunn bread and butter pudding with roasted peaches and creme Anglaise”, this made the perfect end to what I think was the best meal I have ever had on a flight! Washed it down with a glass of baileys.

I decided before the flight that there was absolutely nothing I wanted to watch in the IFE so I had loaded up my iPad with a few films and a slightly trashy ITV drama. Half way through watching said drama, the usual pot of ice cream was handed out by 2 very friendly crew members taking the time to have a little chat before moving on. Finished my drama and sat back to relax for a while. The nose cone of the 747-400 wasn’t as noisy as I remember but I was still glad I had brought my cheap Nokia bh-905’s, I could relax in noise cancelled bliss. It wasn’t long before the crew came around setting up tables for afternoon tea; I had some ham salad sandwiches, some little cakes and a cup of coffee. Nice sandwiches, not quite as good as they have been in the past, but great none the less.

All too soon it was time to buckle up and look out the window for The Tides and the MO. It was a smooth landing and quite a quick taxi to the gate. Disembarked out of L2, and made the long walk to immigration, no queue at all, friendly agent, very quickly through and off to luggage reclaim. As we arrived the belt had just started up and luggage was coming round, ours some of the very first so were now off to the exit after handing over customs declaration, we had hardly stopped walking since getting off the plane, MIA on a good day. Out into the heat and straight into a car we had booked to take us to the Intermodal Centre instead of playing about with the shuttle buses (MIA mover wasn’t open, wouldn’t be until the day after we left). Arrived at the Intermodal Centre and headed down to the Hertz Gold area where we walked straight to the car with our name above and drove off.

I think this has to be one of the best (if not the best) flights I have ever had with VS, the combination of clean and working environment, great crew and wonderful food all added up and nearly make up for some of the rubbish flights.

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